Sunday, November 12, 2006


Well it has been a long day and a long few months. Tuesday night, I called to congratulate Sanford Bishop on his win and pledged to work to support him in his efforts to lead this district.

Tonight has been strange. I knew when I started that this was an uphill battle, especially since this was my first step into politics. I did not come naive. I did, however, not expect that several counties in Georgia's 2nd District would be so heavily Democratic, as they have formerly trended Republican. It would appear that some people do watch and subscribe to the ideas of network tv more than I realized. Unfortunately, I did not carry two of the most Republican counties in the area. Neither did several statewide candidates. I am confused by that and I look forward to hearing the ideas of the talking heads that know better than I.

For Republicans in Georgia, this was a surprising night in politics. All that said, we move forward. I will continue to seek the Lord in my life and I will view this not as a defeat, but a stepping stone on the way to where I am going in politics. I have simply begun to pay my dues to get to a position to help this area be what it can be. I will continue to work in ministry and will make decisions about further political aspirations at a later date.

Obviously, we run to win. I, however, also ran because I felt that was the only way I could be faithful to a calling on my life. I want to thank all of you for your help with this campaign. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your calls, emails, donations and visits as we traveled through your towns. I am forever grateful.

In a year when candidates have spent millions of dollars, not one Democratic House seat went to a Republican. In a year when President Bush traveled all over the country to campaign, NO DEMOCRATIC seat went Republican. On that day- I am more than proud of the work we did. Thanks again for your support.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Would God Be a Democrat or Republican?

Growing up in the Old South, I thought God had to be a Democrat. My grandfather, Walter George Hughes (named for Georgia's great Senator Walter F. George) was a Bible carrying, America loving, conservative Methodist Democrat. I remember the kind of man he was and the convictions for which he stood. As I moved into high school and college and learned about politics on the federal level, I became confused about how he could be such a godly man and a Democrat. It certainly was not that there were no Christian Democrats, but that the ones in Washington just did not seem to be like those I knew in Georgia.

Now as seminary trained Southern Baptist, I will be the first to say that God is neither Democrat or Republican. The question is not which party He prefers, but which party prefers Him. I have always known that there was a disparity between the ideology of the parties, but today I came across something that made it clear. Click here to view the document I read. This is credible, verifiable and indicting. If my grandfather could read this, his heart would break. In my God-directed quest to grow into half of the statesman that my granddaddy was, I would love to have followed in his footsteps as a Democrat. Unfortunately, in the words of former Governor and Senator Zell Miller, "The party left me."

Perspectives by Tom McClendon, Jr.

Brad Hughes, a candidate for the U.S. 2nd Congressional District, my family and another young man went out to Subway for a sandwich after church Sunday night. The young man asked a great question about the Separation of Church and State but we didn’t have enough time to answer fully so I want to answer the question here.

Anytime religion is mentioned within the confines of government today people cry, "Separation of Church and State". Many people think this statement appears in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution and therefore must be strictly enforced.

However, the words: "separation", "church", and "state" do not even appear in the first amendment. The first amendment reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

When the First Amendment was passed it had only two purposes. The first purpose was that there would be no established, national church for the united thirteen colonies. In other words, there would be no “Church of the United States” like the Church of England.

The second purpose of the First Amendment was the very opposite from today’s twisted understanding of its real meaning. The amendment states that government should not interfere with the free practice of religion.

The statement about “a wall of separation of church and state” was made in a letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut, dated January 1, 1802. The congregation had heard a widespread rumor that the Congregationalists, another denomination, were to become the national religion. Such an idea was quite alarming to these people who knew about religious persecution in England by the state established church.

Jefferson used the phrase “separation of church and state” in his letter to the Danbury congregation simply to assure the people that government should not interfere with religion by establishing a national church. Jefferson wanted to remove all fears that the government would make dictates to the church. The wall of separation was intended to be one-directional; its purpose was to protect the church from the state.

Liberals and liberal judges have turned the phrase over and have put it on its head using it as a rallying point to rid them of our godly heritage. What can we do?

We must elect those willing to uphold the original intent of the Constitution. The First Amendment never meant that religion can’t have an influence in society or in government. The Founding Fathers often practiced public prayer and a reliance on God’s wisdom and guidance. They never intended to take all religious influences out of government.

John Witherspooon, a Presbyterian minister and president of what is now Princeton University, was the only pastor to sign the Declaration of Independence. He as well as others knew that they were founding our country on the Judeo-Christian understanding that there must be Someone who gave us the inalienable rights.

To make sure there was no confusion we have the phrase “In God we trust” as our motto. Take a look at the coins in your pocket and the bills in your wallet. The concept was the same as William Penn expressed: “If we are not governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.”

Sadly in today’s courts the phrase “separation of church and state” has been given constitutional authority even though it appears nowhere in the constitution. And the tyrants are taking over. The courts have stopped a little boy’s freedom to read his Bible in school. They have removed copies of the Ten Commandments from schools and government buildings. They have stopped prayer at football games. And the list continues to grow.

The erosion of our freedom of religion must stop. We must return to what the founding fathers of this country stood and fought and died for…freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

For more information about this and other Church/State issues, click here to visit David Barton's Wall Builders website.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

William Hughes Neeley, Abortion and Fuel for the Fight

Today, my younger sister and her husband were blessed by the birth of their first child, William Hughes Neeley. After being in labor for nearly 12 hours, she finally had Will by c-section at 4:38 a.m. I was at a campaign event in middle Georgia when I got the call. I wrapped things up, jumped in the vehicle and headed for Alabama to be with my family.

As soon as the surgery was over, nurses rolled my nephew to the door to let us get our first glimpse. I know you may think I am biased, but he was perfect. Little Will was complete with 10 fingers, 10 toes, a head full of blonde hair, and a nose and mouth that clearly identified him as his father's son.

He was immediately taken to the nursery and we watched as he was thoroughly examined and bathed. (To be honest, it hurt my feelings a little. They really are rough with those little guys.) As we peered through the glass, we had the pleasure of watching as a new father sought to grasp the miracle that lay before him. With my sweet sister in recovery, my brother in law stood watch over their son, while patiently waited to be reunited with his wife.

When they first showed Will to us, I was struck by a deep and profound truth. Only moments earlier, this baby was inside of his mother, protected and provided for by her physical body through one of God's most amazing miracles. Now, he lay in front of us, a living, breathing human who could survive outside of her body. While I could see him and touch him physically, he was no more human at that moment than he was a few minutes earlier when he was tightly nestled in his mother's womb.

Early in Will’s life, we received emails showing us what was happening to him throughout his development. By the time my sister knew she was expecting, the heart of her son had already begun to beat. He was alive and we have referred to him as Little Will, not “the fetus” or “the blob of tissue.”

In Psalm 139: 13-14 we read, “For it was You [God] who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I will praise You, because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know [this] very well.” (HCSB)

Today I saw one wonderful, remarkable work of God in person. I actually held him in my hands. As I stared at him, I could not help but think of the more than 47 million wonderful, remarkable works of God that were never held, but killed and discarded in abortion clinics. That is 1 in 3 of all children conceived since 1973.

As I returned to Georgia to the Congressional Campaign early this morning, my resolve was strengthened. As the first Republican Congressman from Georgia's 2nd District, I am committed to fighting for Will and all of the precious little ones like him. I commit to working against the agenda of Nancy Pelosi and countless other Democrats who would have us view my nephew as less than human until he is completely removed from his mother's body.

In Luke 18: 15 Jesus told His disciples, "Let the little children come to Me, and don't stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Join me in praying that the U.S. Congress would follow the example of Christ and recognize the necessity of protecting the life at all stages.

Also, join me in praying for a handsome little man who is, even as we speak, adjusting to ‘life on the outside.’ Pray that his mom and dad will raise him to fear the Lord and honor His commands. Pray that just maybe, through this little fellow, God will raise up a new generation of men and women who will love life as He does.

In November, it is crucial that we vote our convictions and our morals. It is also crucial that we vote in favor of my nephew and all of his little friends in the nursery. In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen the birth of a child, pondered abortion and had my fire fueled to protect the least of these. Please join me and the Hughes for Congress Campaign in this fight.


Regardless of pro-choice efforts, there is currently a ban on the abhorrent practice of partial birth abortion. That is, however, not because of the efforts of our current Representative Sanford Bishop who voted AGAINST a ban on this practice. Click below to read about some of his votes.

Bishop votes AGAINST a ban on partial birth abortion. Click here to read.

Bishop votes AGAINST a ban on partial birth abortion again. Click here to read.

Bishop votes AGAINST a ban on using federal funds to produce any drug for the chemical inducement of abortion. Click here to read.

Click here to understand partial birth abortion. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Words from a Friend

In politics, one must always put himself forward. It is crucial that the voters understand who a candidate is on a personal level. As a Christian man who desires to be humble in leadership, Brad always appreciates when others offer their opinions of him and solicit help in his campaign. Click here to read a blog by some friends from California.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reflections After Watching World Trade Center Movie

8 days after September 11th, I left for NYC to work with the Kentucky Baptist Convention on a disaster relief team. (Click here to read about it.) The sights, smells and sounds from that trip are seared into my memory. Because of my personal experience, and the horror associated with the terror event itself, I really wanted to see Oliver Stone's World Trade Center movie.

When we go see movies depicting real life events we never really know how they will affect us emotionally. I had friends who would not go for fear of how they would react. Personally, I had to see it. I'll begin by saying that it did not influence me as I expected. Oh, I shed some tears, but I did not leave depressed. Although I was reminded of the power of evil, the brevity of life and the pain associated with that day, I actually left with a new found sense of pride.

A very healthy sense of pride rose up in me in three ways. First, I am a Christian. I serve a Holy God Who, in His mercy provided for the needs of the two men represented in the film and countless others in their times of need. Second, I am an American. I live in a nation that has a resolve like no other. In spite of the terror of that Tuesday, almost immediately I felt secure. That is because we live in a nation that honors its citizens by protecting us when we can't, individually, protect ourselves. Third, I am a Republican. I am a part of a political party that is unrelenting in its quest to obliterate terror. Though I may differ with President Bush on some issues, they are far outweighed by my respect for his commitment to protect me, my district, my state and my country.

If you go see the movie, you will no doubt leave with any number of thoughts. I certainly hope that among them is gratitude for a loving God, thankfulness for a great nation and appreciation for a President who stands in the gap for us.

All three of these ideas must be on our minds as we approach the elections in November. We need men and women in Congress who will support our President to ensure that 911 never happens again. We need elected officials who will not undermine his efforts to keep us safe and destroy terror organizations. Democrats call this line of thinking a scare tactic used by Republicans. After seeing the piles of rubble in New York first hand, I call it reality.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lessons Learned

As we mark the 1 year anniversary of one of the greatest natural disasters in American history, another storm churns its way toward the Gulf coast. It seems certain that Ernesto will not wreak the havoc of Katrina, but with the images fresh in our minds we are reminded of the lessons learned. Lessons learned the hard way by sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, co-workers, friends, and politicians. As we vow to be better prepared and quicker to respond, we pay tribute to those who lost so much. That we not forget, but vow to be better and stronger as a result, is after all the American way.

This is the vow that I take daily as I seek Georgia's 2nd Congressional seat. The lessons of our district's recent history are troubling. Under the 14 year leadership of current representative Sanford Bishop, our district has fallen from the 9th to 8th poorest district in the country. Think about it! There are only 7 places in America you can live that are more poor than us. We are not moving forward under this leadership, but new days are ahead.

Our small towns that provided a haven of safety and peace during our childhood are wavering under the burden of a lack of leadership. Without economic development they won't be around to provide the same prosperity for future generations of Georgians.

It's time for a change in leadership because it's time for a change in results. It's time that our hometowns again flourish. It's time that our small farmers stop selling out and start making a profit. It's time that our students excel. It's time for a change!

I know that we have what it takes to lead the country, not follow. Our people are the finest in the U.S. and it's time that we move forward. As your next Congressman I will continue my vow to remember the past as I work to improve the future.

After Katrina, our government understood the need for change and people were replaced. I hope our district will follow their example.

If you're ready for a change, we need your help to get the word out about Hughes for Congress!
Here's what you can do:

1.Donate your money.
Running a congressional campaign is extremely expensive. Make a contribution to support the Hughes for Congress campaign by clicking here.

2. Donate your time.
Sign up to stuff envelopes, put out signs, make phone calls, or a host of other activities. No job is too small. Click here and "Join the Team."

3. Donate your talents.
Do you have the gift of gab? Are you the social king or queen of your neighborhood, club, church or work? If so, throw a party and invite us to come tell you all about why Hughes is the right choice for our district. To schedule a date, send us an e-mail to

Thank you for your support as we continue to strive for a better tomorrow. It's time for a change...Choose Hughes for Congress!

In your service,

Brad Hughes

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bishop at Bottom of List in Legislative Effectiveness publishes rankings for each legislative session and people are always surprised to find the results. The people of the 2nd Congressional District of Georgia may or may not be surprised but will be disappointed to see who is at the bottom of the list for the House of Representatives. Click here to see.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Observations from the Campaign Trail

In a few minutes, James Risner (our manager and my best friend) and I will leave to do some campaigning in the northern part of the district. As we drive up there, I suspect that we will see many of the same things we see every day as we drive. In our travels around the area, one thing is painfully obvious - We are in a drought! I have never seen peanut and cotton fields look as badly as they do this year. You don't need any kind of degree or special knowledge to see this. If it is so obvious, however, why hasn't Sanford Bishop done anything for our farmers and those most seriously affected by the lack of rain? I have checked his website and looked in all the local publications and I have seen nothing from him on the issue. While areas in Alabama have been declared a disaster area, Mr. Bishop does not seem to be providing leadership in caring for those in need. If our drive through the area reveals the desperation so clearly, how could Mr. Bishop not see it and address it? Could it be that he is not traveling in the district? Or is that he is simply to busy with other things? Just something to think about...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Is There Room for You at the Democratic Table?

Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District is conservative. About that, there is no question. Whether white or black, old or young, we believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. We believe abortion is killing an innocent life and we believe in economic development so that hard working people can have jobs to provide for their families. For generations, as Southerners, we have called ourselves Democrats. Now, the terms Conservative and Democrat are almost diametrically opposed. Whether we like it or not, the Republican Party of today is the Democratic Party of yesterday. Almost every Democrat in Washington is liberal, pro choice and pro gay marriage. Many are weak on national defense and their ideas differ greatly from ours. Since this is true, why do people in the South continue to support a political party that no longer represents their interests? Why do people use that liberal party by running as Democrats on the local levels simply to get elected?

I can’t tell you the number of people who told me, “I am a Republican and I will vote for you in November, but I need to vote Democrat in the Primary.” I sincerely believe it is disingenuous for one to run or vote as a Democrat simply because it will be easier for him to get elected or to promote his own agenda. Truth be told, it is damaging our party. When is the South going to start voting like the Conservatives we are? The Primary is over and the decisions have been made, but I want you to consider this for future elections. If your ideology matches that of the Republican Party, stop living in the past. Come out of the closet and support the party that is supporting your interests. If your daddy’s granddaddy was a Democrat, I understand that you might feel obligated to be one too. To be honest, with the rich Southern heritage afforded us by the Democratic Party, I have wished there was room in there for me. Unfortunately, the current commitments of the Democratic party leave no seats for me at the table. I love God, believe the Bible, respect marriage, desire to honor human life and want to see us obliterate terror from the face of the earth. Does that describe you? If so and you have always been a Democrat, you might rethink which ballot you pull in the Primary and you might reconsider your vote in November. Oh I know you may be thinking, "I believe that and I'm a Democrat." Sorry to break the news to you. If you are Conservative, they don't have room for you either.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Primary is Over and the Blog is Back

July 18th was a day of expected victories and as well as surprises across Georgia as we went to the polls to choose our nominees in the Primary election. With the exception of Secretary of State and Commissioner of Agriculture (who will be involved in runoffs), the Republican team is assembled and ready to challenge and defend elected positions at all levels of government. If you have been putting it off, now is the time to get involved in the November 7th General Election. The Hughes for Congress campaign is working diligently at the grassroots level. We are visiting each county and beginning to let you see the differences between Brad Hughes and Sanford Bishop. Lazy, liberal leadership in a hardworking, conservative district will not stand. What has Sanford Bishop done for you? Is Georgia's 2nd Congressional District a better, more prosperous place to live today than it was when he took office 14 years ago? A drive through the area will quickly reveal the answer. You deserve better! On November 7th you will have the opportunity to cast a ballot to brighten the future of the 2nd District. Between now and then, however, you will have a chance to educate and be educated about what we have needed and what Mr. Bishop has done about those needs. Find out whether Bishop or Hughes more adequately represents you, your work ethic and your values. When you find out, let your friends and family know. Pandering to the richest of the rich and claiming to fight for the farmer while farms daily shut down must be stopped. This is not about politics - it's about change. Change in leadership. Change in direction. Change in priorities. In November Choose Hughes for US Congress.

In the mean time, check back often as Brad will be blogging regularly about current events. He will also be letting you know more about Mr. Bishop's voting record and the inconsistencies of his ideology. If you want to be an educated voter, start here on the Hughes for Congress Weblog.

Monday, May 15, 2006


The time for qualifying has passed and Brad Hughes is THE ONE & ONLY Republican challenger for Sanford Bishop's seat in the US House of Representatives. As Mr. Hughes continues to better understand your needs, he will begin a county by county tour in June. If you are interested in visiting with him, please contact the campaign by email. He would enjoy getting to know you and needs of your particular community. He would also like to tell you why Sanford Bishop needs to be fired and he needs to be hired to represent you.

In these days before the election, show your support for a man who understands the desperate times in which we live. Please contribute to this campaign if you have not already done so. Also, please invite Mr. Hughes or someone from the campaign to your organization, civic group, church or other venue so that you may see what kind of man he is and so that you can hear his vision for the district.

These are exciting, yet pivitol days in Georgia's 2nd District. We have fallen from the 9th poorest to the 8th poorest district in America on Mr. Bishop's watch. We have put up with this lack of leadership long enough. It's time to put a TRUE conservative in the House from our district and Brad Hughes is the man for the job.

Contact us at for more information. Also, check back with us here on the blog often. Soon we will be posting Mr. Hughes' views on current issues affecting our country.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Mr Hughes Goes to Washington"

Late last night we returned from Washington, DC and we had an incredibly productive trip. Last Wednesday, we met with a very influential man inside the Beltway who proved to be a phenomenal resource. After meeting with him for more than 2 hours, he offered us office space in his building, which overlooks the Capitol dome, and unlimited access to his computers, faxes and phones. He is a godly, Christian man who is in complete support of our ideology and the work we want to do for Georgia's 2nd Congressional District.

On Thursday, we met with Jack Kingston, the Congressman from Georgia's 1st Congressional District, and enjoyed learning from his experience. We accompanied him to a Republican press conference and were able to meet the Speaker of House, Dennis Hastert, Adam Putnam, who is one of the youngest members of the House, and several other members of Congress. All of them were gracious and tremendously supportive of our efforts in Georgia. We will likely meet with several of them in April when we return to DC again.

Also on Thursday, we were able to watch the Senate and House debate the budget and vote on the amendments. It was wonderful experience to be standing there as decisions were made that will affect every American. It made us consider the weight of what we seek and convicted us that we need to work as hard as we can to get there to fight for our area and the American people.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of touring the White House West Wing. Seeing the Oval Office was one of the high points of the trip. We love, support and appreciate the integrity and fortitude of the man who sits behind that great desk and look forward to supporting him for the last two years of his administration.

On Sunday we were blessed to worship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church where we had been attending a conference throughout the weekend. The ministry of that church to the Hill is overwhelming and something we would all do well to emulate. We are looking forward to many more times of sweet fellowship with the people of that congregation.

On Monday, we toured the Capitol with a representative of Senator Saxby Chambliss' Office. After having had personal contact with a number of Senate and Representative staffs and we have found none to be more kind, gracious and helpful than that of Mr. Chambliss. If you plan to visit the Capitol, please contact his office. You will be well received and well cared for during your time in Washington.

Being away from DC, we are reminded of the hard work ahead. We are getting back to the grind and working on the grassroots campaign. Thank you for your help and support and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Tell Someone TODAY about Hughes for Congress.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ron Gunzburger's is an incredibly helpful resource for anyone following politics in America. Gunzburger follows the races for most every office in every state and helps us to better understand the issues. Be sure to check out the Georgia page for the candidates related to Georgia's 2nd Congressional District.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blogs Provide Great Exposure

So many continue to write asking how they can help with the campaign. While there are a number of needs, not the least of which are donations, many of you have blogs with large audiences that provide much needed exposure. In our computer saturated society, millions of people are reached everyday through blogs. If you have one, we would sincerely appreciate you plugging the campaign. Several people have done so and you may never know who sees your blog that our site and printed material may never reach. Check out the March 2nd post on Heather Stewart's blog. She has another great example of exactly what we need. Thanks so much for all of your help and don't forget to tell someone about HUGHES FOR CONGRESS.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hometown Proud

The press release went out last week in Blakely. The rest of the district will get it sometime next week. Click here to read it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Huge Help from a Friend

My friend Timmy Brister has a wonderful (widely read) weblog and he has made some very gracious comments about me and the campaign. With all of things he has to do and all of the topics he has to address, I really appreciate his help. Check it out when you can.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ready to Work for the Campaign?

As you know, a campaign for the United States House of Representatives to represent the newly redrawn 2nd Congressional District of Georgia takes a great deal of work. Many have emailed or called to see how you could help and we have some practical suggestions.

1. Email EVERYONE YOU KNOW in your address book and tell them about the campaign. Please include a personal note and link the website on your email. (To do that, simply type the site address in your email and it should automatically be linked.) Ask your friends to forward the link to as many people as they can. We are asking you to send it to everyone you know because you never know who has connections to our district. Friends from all over the country have contacted us about the site because they knew people in the district. ALL exposure ANYWHERE is helpful.

2. Donate, donate, donate! Since no one can give more than $4200, it takes a lot of people to fund a campaign. No amount is too small and every dollar is used for the campaign. After meeting with some of the leadership in the district two weeks ago, we set a goal of $50,000 by March 31. While this may seem lofty, it is achievable and we are well on our way. Please give if you are able. Mail checks payable to: Hughes for Congress, PO Box 543, Blakely, GA 39823 or donate online on the website.

3. Write or call all of your friends in the area and ask them to contact the campaign about having us come speak about our passion for change in Georgia's 2nd district. If you know church leaders especially, we would love to send someone to any local church to explain the necessity of engaging the political process in light of our command to submit to the government in Romans 13. We will never mock the pulpit by turning it into a political arena, but believers need to be challenged to research candidates and to vote their biblical convictions. We are, of course, willing to speak anywhere you have connections outside the church as well.

4. Host a fundraiser. If you just want to get together and have a party, we are ready. You can invite as many or as few to your home and have us come to talk about our vision for the area, politics on the national stage and hopefully generate funds for the campaign. Contact us to set a date.

5. Pray for the campaign. As often as you think of it, pray for us. If you read something encouraging or would like to share something with us, email it to the campaign. Thank you for your help in this. We invite you to take ownership of some area of this campaign. If you like to send out letters, we will get the information to you that you need. If you like to chat on the phone, call everyone you know and tell them about the exciting newly redrawn 2nd District of Georgia and the need for new leadership. If you like to socialize, plan a cookout to raise money and get our message out. Once you have done something for the campaign, you will have a stake in it and a vested interest. This is not just about Brad Hughes. It is about making life better for Georgians and Americans across the land. With YOUR help BRAD HUGHES WILL WIN THIS ELECTION.

Have a fantastic day and don't forget to tell someone about

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gary Smith, the Chairman of the GOP for the 2nd Congressional District, writes about the importance of political engagement. This challenging article reminds us of our obligation to serve and that today's actions will have a lasting impact on our area for generations. Check out the Georgia GOP Volunteer Focus.